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The Eldercare Foundation enhances the care, comfort, dignity and independence of our valued elders.

We are not government funded. We are an independently registered charitable organization. We rely on donations from individuals, businesses, service clubs, granting organizations and special events.

The Foundation directly support over 700 residents in the Greater Victoria region who call Aberdeen, Mt. Tolmie, Glengarry, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge extended care facilities ‘home’.   The Foundation also supports community programs in the Capital Regional District for seniors including the West Shore and Oak Bay Lodge Adult Day Programs, the Mobile Adult Day Program, the Community Bathing Program, the Yakimovich Wellness Centre,  the Piercy Respite Hotel, and the SAFE Lifeline Program.

Our Foundation believes in the importance of supporting our aging population. Our Embrace Aging initiative, aimed at connecting people to resources, activities and educational opportunities, is growing and we hope to expand this initiative throughout the province.  Additionally, we are currently working with partners across BC to lay the groundwork for a province-wide seniors’ strategy to ensure all British Columbians will have choices, services and support to age-in-place with dignity, no matter their personal circumstances or where they live.