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People & Programs


Since 1982 the Eldercare Foundation has donated over $9.5 million to support care for our valued elders.  For extended care residents, we’ve funded specialized equipment, planted therapeutic gardens, purchased wheelchair-accessible vans for community outings, funded palliative care rooms, visiting areas and home-like enhancements, and provided funding for valuable programs like Music Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, entertainment and hands-on  ‘arts in community’ programs for residents.

We have also provided program support and funding for community programs that help people stay in their own homes longer and provide respite for family caregivers.

Through our education awards and endowment program, we have funded continued education for care giving staff and research grants to promote enhanced quality of life for the elderly, both now and into the future.


Residential Care Facilities:  Total = 731 people
The Eldercare Foundation directly supports over 700 people living in Victoria’s Aberdeen, Glengarry, Mt. Tolmie, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge care facilities.  This where they live out their final stage of life.  They are in one of these facilities because of their health care needs, not necessarily because of their financial need.  Anyone can live out their final stage of life in one of these facilities.

  • Average length of stay is 18 months – but some live with us much longer, especially if admitted when younger due to level of care needed.
  • Average Age is 88 – but the age range is between 47 and 113
  • 85% of residents have some form of dementia
  • Over 90% are in wheelchairs and require assistance with personal needs such as toileting, bathing and eating.
  • A large percentage of the residents participate in (and look forward to) entertainment and special therapy programs which are almost 100% funded by our generous donors.


In addition, we support seniors in our community and their families through programs such as the West Shore Adult Day Program, the Oak Bay Lodge Adult Day Centre, the Mobile Adult Day Program, the Community Bathing Program, the Piercy Respite Hotel, SAFE Lifeline Program, and the Yakimovich Wellness Centre.

Community programs like the respite hotel, bathing and day programs enhance the lives of seniors who are being cared for in their own homes.   These programs have the added benefit of providing family caregivers much-needed respite allowing them time to carry out their own errands, attend appointments or just relax.  The Yakimovich Wellness Centre is a wonderful community resource for seniors and their families, providing education and social engagement opportunities.  SAFE Lifeline provides a medical alert system to at-risk, low-income seniors enabling them to stay living in their own homes longer.


In addition to supporting elders, their families and our future professional caregivers through the Residential Care facilities, Home and Community Care programs and our Research and Education Awards program, our mandate also includes raising awareness and reaching further to help more people navigate their journey of aging.   We’ve been strategically pursuing partnership and collaborative opportunities with like-minded senior-focused groups and organizations in order to make a bigger impact and reach more BC seniors.

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