The Growing Scam Targeting Canadian Seniors

This article was originally published in the Winter 2023 edition of The Scrivener, a publication of the BC Notaries Association.

“Hello Grandma? It’s Bobby. I’m in big trouble and I need your help! I’ve been in accident. It wasn’t my fault, but I’ve been arrested and I need money to pay a lawyer. Can you please talk to him? And please don’t tell Mom and Dad!”.

Grandparents often have a hard time saying no to their grandchildren. Scammers know that, too. That’s why the so-called “Grandparent” scam has become one of the fastest-growing ways for fraudsters to target seniors across North America.

Click here to keep reading the article, written by Tom Arnold, Executive Director of Eldercare Foundation. The article provides useful resources and tips on how to avoid falling victim to scammers.