Current funding priorities

Eldercare’s mission to improve care and enhance quality of life for local seniors has never been more important, as the global pandemic has exposed several urgent needs for our elderly. 

COVID-19 precautions have been terribly isolating for Greater Victoria’s older adults, cutting them off from family, friends, and many of the support programs they depend on for their health and well-being.  Those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s have been especially at risk, highlighting the need to invest in new technologies that can deliver care and connection when other humans cannot. 

More traditional equipment and therapy programming needs at local long-term care facilities are increasing too.  Where once social interaction between residents was a cornerstone of quality care, nurses and therapists now need additional funding to deliver care in smaller groups, or even one-on-one, in keeping with social distancing guidelines. 

For at home seniors and their family caregivers, a vital goal in 2021 is to restart Greater Victoria’s adult day programs, and community bathing programs.  This includes launching a brand new adult day program at the newly-opened Summit, located at Hillside and Quadra.  

Finally, our SAFE Lifeline waitlist is growing too, as a growing number of seniors hope to stay at home as long as possible, due to concerns of being cut off from their spouses and loved ones in long-term care. 

Delivering on these goals will only be possible with the help of people like you.  Please check out top funding priority right now.