July 21, 2021 – With Greater Victoria’s population of seniors aged 75+ expected to double by 2038, Eldercare is embarking on a major new initiative to increase its capacity to help seniors in need.  The WILLing Leaders campaign will run from 2021 to 2030, with a goal to find 100 local leaders who can include a gift in their will to Eldercare.

“Ten years from now, Eldercare will need to serve 4x as many seniors as we did when our organization launched in 1982,” explains Tom Arnold, Eldercare’s Director of Development.  “The needs of local seniors are getting more complex too, because chronic illness rates are skyrocketing as people live longer.  It’s vital that Eldercare grows to meet these needs, and we’re hoping to find 100 people who can help us – people who care about aging with dignity, and have the means to dedicate a small portions of their estates to help.”

Eldercare is targeting gifts via a will because it’s a kind of gift that’s accessible to everyone.  “Very few people can make a 5, 6, or 7-figure gift in their lifetime,” Arnold explains, “But homeowners and retirees with significant RRSPs in Greater Victoria can do this through their estate, without impeding their ability to live their own lives or take care of their loved ones.  And a relatively small number of these gifts can dramatically transform the care that thousands of local families will experience for decades to come.”


For more information contact:
Tom Arnold, Director of Development
tom.arnold@viha.ca | 250-370-5646