You’re transforming care for seniors with dementia

Walk into any long-term care home in Greater Victoria and you’ll come across seniors pacing the hallways.  Endless repetitive movements like finger or foot tapping are common too, as are seniors who are agitated and irritable.  These are all symptoms of dementia, brought on by physical changes to the brain, or the profound anxiety those with the disease experience as they notice their abilities declining, or become increasingly confused by the outside world.

But your support of Eldercare is now helping to change the lives of local seniors who struggle to find moments of peace and focus.  You’ve made it possible to purchase OMI Interactive Projectors for several local care homes including, most recently, Glengarry.  Check out this video to see the OMI in action, and how it’s helping seniors with dementia (as well as those needing extra support for mental stimulation, and exercise).