Help the heroes

Support local nurses and healthcare workers seeking advanced training

Nurses are the heroes of the healthcare system, but sometimes they need help too.

Over the past decade, nursing has becoming increasingly (and enormously) complex. In providing care for the elderly, nurses have faced soaring chronic illness rates, an explosion of new treatments and care technologies to master, and increasing cases of mental illness, poverty, and addiction, all at a time when health authorities are trying to shift more care out of traditional health care settings into the home. And that was before COVID, which has added even more challenges for nurses everywhere.

Eldercare’s Peg Bridges Scholarship Fund aims to help by providing scholarships to local healthcare workers who care for the elderly and are pursuing a degree in nursing.  The program helps care aids and staff realize their dreams of becoming nurses, and practicing nurses to seek advanced degrees and training to meet emerging needs (while serving to improve the care that local seniors receive too).

Current funding is very limited though, and Eldercare has averaged just 1 scholarship per year over the past 7 years.  Can you help more local heroes get the training they want and need?  Make your gift today to the Peg Bridges Scholarship Fund!