Spread Kindness


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The past 20 months have underscored just how vulnerable our
elderly friends, parents, and neighbours are in the face of disruptions to
health care, in-home services, and even weather. Your donation will changethe lives of local seniors most in need. 


When you give, please also consider providing your support as
a monthly gift to Eldercare Foundation, to help us respond more quickly when
urgent care needs arise.

If you believe that seniors deserve to….

                       …your monthly gift can



Buy adaptive clothing for a low-income senior who literally has nothing to wear, as painful contractures, frailty, or amputation prevent them from being able to put on ‘standard’ clothes




Provide exercise therapy, and specially-designed equipment for a senior living with chronic illness, to help them maintain their strength and independence for as long as possible




Fund Adult Day Programs for seniors living at home to provide them with socialization, activities and outings while their family caregiver (often a senior themselves) receives a much-needed break.




Support music and art therapy for a senior who is living with dementia, and desperately wants to maintain the ability to express themselves and communicate meaningfully
with their friends and family


Be protected



Keep a senior living with a high risk of falls – one of the biggest risks to elderly Canadians for major injuries, hospitalizations, and death – safe with a home medical alarm, or with a bed alarm once they move into care

Your gift of $10, $20, or $30 each month will help more than 700 seniors in care, and 879 seniors living at home on southern Vancouver Island every single day.  Please join with us today and consider making a monthly donation.