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In October 2015, our campaign was launched with a generous pledge of $20,000 in matching funds for donations to residential care programs and the SAFE Lifeline program for seniors in the community. What a wonderful gift!  Many others responded to our public appeal for donations to support community programs offering socialization, respite care, education and safety measures that help people stay in their own homes longer. For extended care residents, we appealed for support for Therapy programs, specialized equipment and home-like enhancements that provide comfort, independence and a sense of belonging in their community.


OVERALL CAMPAIGN GOAL$1,000,000.  It’s a lot of money, but it will make a difference to a lot of people; we are almost 35% of the way there!   Every donation, regardless of size, helps reach the goal of showing older adults that they are still an important part of the fabric of our community.  Thanks so much to all the wonderful people who have made a gift to this campaign.

If you are able and willing to help older adults live more safely and comfortably, please consider making a donation to the Eldercare Foundation’s Quality of Life Campaign today.