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Bring Smiles Back Campaign

It’s simple and profound to see a smile on an elderly face that moments before was looking sad.
Every day the Eldercare Foundation, with the help of our donors, brings smiles to our valued elders with small things like innovative therapy programs that make each day something to look forward to and big things like specialty equipment to restore mobility and independence.

 Outdated equipment needs to be replaced, community programs that allow people to stay in their own homes longer need to be funded, and care facilities need to feel more like home.

We need to raise $1.2 million to enhance care, comfort and quality of life for older adults accessing the

Community Bathing Program, Piercy Respite Hotel, Adult Day Programs, Yakimovich Wellness Centre Education, SAFE Lifeline and over 700 extended care residents who call Glengarry, Aberdeen, Mt. Tolmie, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge ‘home’.

Please donate today and ensure our elderly are treated with the respect they deserve.

Your donation to the Eldercare Foundation funds community programs and education to help people stay in their own homes longer; it funds therapy programs, equipment and home-like enhancements for extended care residents and gives back dignity and happiness.



(Supporting:  Glengarry, Aberdeen, Mt. Tolmie, Priory, Heritage Woods and Oak Bay Lodge Extended Care Facilities


(Supporting: Piercy Respite Hotel, Yakimovich Wellness Centre, West Shore Adult Day Program, Mobile Adult Day Program (Sooke & Metchosin), Oak Bay Lodge Adult Day Program, West Shore and Victoria Community Bathing Programs, and the SAFE Lifeline Program for low-income, at-risk seniors through Island Health Home and Community Care South Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands)

  • $50 pays for 1 hour of Music Therapy for respite hotel guests or extended care residents
  • $50 – 150 buys art supplies
  • $56 pays for 1 hour of balance and mobility programming for Adult Day Program clients
  • $65 funds 1 hour of physical therapy with a trained service dog in residential care or for West Shore Adult Day Program clients.
  • $500 provides SAFE Lifeline to 1 person for a year so they can live in their own home longer
  • $900 buys a specialized mesh chair for comfort and safety in both the community bathing program and in residential care
  • $2,250 buys 10 bed/chair alarms to keep residents safe
  • $6,100 buys a Bungee Mobility Trainer
  • $17,000 buys an Alenti Lift

Every donation, regardless of size, makes a considerable difference.  Without you, the smiles fade quickly.