The gift of companionship and connection: Eldercare Foundation partners with Oak Bay Volunteer Services 

Eldercare Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Oak Bay Volunteer Services (OBVS) to distribute robotic companion pets to OBVS clients who are socially isolated at home.

“A growing number of older Canadians are experiencing social isolation and loneliness,” says Tom Arnold, Executive Director, Eldercare Foundation. “Research shows that robotic companion pets may be an effective solution for alleviating loneliness in older adults, especially among those who live alone and have fewer social connections.”

These life-like pets have brought comfort and companionship to seniors living in care homes across Victoria for several years, thanks to generous Eldercare donors. New funding has enabled Eldercare to expand our reach into the community and partner with OBVS, who understand firsthand the importance of companionship and connection.

“We are excited to pilot this project in the coming months,” says Kara Udell, Executive Director, Oak Bay Volunteer Services. OBVS will begin introducing these fluffy cats and dogs on car trips for clients who use their transportation services to attend medical appointments and run errands. “I expect these loveable pets to foster a sense of connection, calm, and comfort for our clients. We are grateful to Eldercare Foundation for this wonderful resource!”

Pictured above is Bronwyn Taylor, Board Chair, Oak Bay Volunteer Services, celebrating the arrival of the first litter of companion pets from Eldercare Foundation.