Tribute & memorial donations

Remembering is a way to make something last, a chance to experience the same joy, the same excitement, the same love – again and again.  The Eldercare Foundation would like to offer you a meaningful way to remember someone you care about, let someone know you’ve been thinking of them, or to thank staff in our facilities or programs for the care they’ve given.

With each memorial or honour gift received, the Foundation sends notification to the next-of-kin or person honoured advising them of your tribute.  Donation amounts are not revealed unless the donor so requests.

Of course, the greatest benefit of your memorial or honour gift is the knowledge that you have enriched the lives of hundreds of older adults living in our care facilities or accessing community programs that help them remain in their own homes longer.

If your gift is a memorial or tribute gift, please do the following:

Include the information in the Memorial and Tribute Gifts section of the donation form.

Thank you.